Want To Grow Your Business 
With Instagram? 
Want To Grow Your Business With Instagram?
Watch over our shoulder for 6 weeks as we show you the advanced strategies we’ve used to grow a massive audience and 6-figure business with Instagram - without spending a dime on advertising.
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Do you feel frustrated with your lack of Instagram traction and growth?
Let's get real. Uploading Instagram posts every day and "guessing" which hashtags to use is NOT going to help you crush your goals and get the momentum, the influence, and the exposure you need in order to thrive on Instagram.

Do you feel frustrated that your content isn't being seen or shared? 

Are you desperately seeking more Instagram engagement & followers in order to build excited, loyal, and profitable advocates for your brand? 

Do you want to be seen as an authority figure online, but have NO IDEA where to start or not enough time to learn it all through trial-and-error?  

We get you. It wasn't long ago that we were in your shoes - and that's exactly why we put together this 6-week Instagram training that will walk you through everything you need to know about growing the right audience,  the right way.
 Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, content creator, social media strategist or a personal brand... 

This is the solution you’ve been searching for to build a highly engaged, authentic, and profitable audience on Instagram.
Instagram Growth Academy is NOW Available!
Imagine Where You Would Be If You Knew The Expert-Level Growth Strategies, Just Like Our Past Students:
"I had spent a few months working on growing my IG following and it was happening slowly. I had around 1,000 followers when I began with Ross and Rachel. Within the first handful of posts, one went viral and has near 14,000 likes.

I'm seeing a lot of engagement and I've received several messages from brands offering product/hotel stays in exchange for a couple IG posts. My goal is to travel the world for free and we're already getting a good response!"

- Daniell, blogger
"Rachel & Ross, you guys have truly been a golden mine for me in my IG journey. 

Your great livestreams, awesome posts, and incredible value provided to the entire community, have pumped my IG account from 0 - 25,000 in under 5 weeks. 

This is mindblowing! I consider myself so lucky to have met you! 

- Tudor, Online Entrepreneur 
Rachel and Ross are absolutely incredible! Their value has empowered both me and my business tremendously. 

I've been continuously gaining almost 1k followers every week since implementing their Instagram strategies. 

At first I was nervous about getting their program, but quickly realized it's WORTH it!!! Especially since they are extremely helpful in answering any additional questions and helping me along the process.

- Marie Yokan, Freelance Social Media Manager
What's Included In 
Instagram Growth Academy?
Access to all 6 weeks of Instagram Growth Academy training. We walk you through the entire Instagram growth process from start to finish to make sure your content is seen by your exact target audience and you're not wasting time.
Done-for-you templates, swipe files, and module resources to help you save time and get instant results. Just plug & play.
A bonus PDF guide that outlines the top 4 ways to monetize your new Instagram audience and create a profitable account, even if you're starting with 0 followers.
We're giving you private access to a password-protected document that contains secret links. These will guide you to private groups where you will have access to a network of over 100 million real, active Instagram followers who can engage with your content for free and explode your growth 10X faster. 
In this workshop, we'll show you how to edit your photos and videos like a professional, save time, and create a stunning brand that attracts your ideal customers in a heartbeat.
Don't Take Our Word For It.
Check Out What Others Have To Say: 
Don't Take Our Word For It.

Check Out What Others Have To Say: 
"Ross and Rachel are a incredible team. We have seen nothing but phenomenal results. In 3 short months we have organically grown over 35,000 followers. My stories see 3-4K views per video. Engagement is incredible.

Working with them has allowed me to increase website traffic, YouTube subscription, but most importantly gave me a platform to build a relationship with my audience. Ultimately leading to sales."

- Dr. Nick Zyrowski, Doctor and Entrepreneur
"Ross and Rachel provided actionable advice that was easy to implement and boosted our results in weeks, not months. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they are incredibly knowledgeable on the best growth strategies for Instagram. 

Their help allowed us to reach more than 100k followers very fast, which resulted in more brand exposure and better deals with important brands like Bai, Chobani, and Raw Sugar." 

- Paola Marquez, Online Fitness Coach 
Join Instagram Growth Academy TODAY!
Want An Inside Look of What's Waiting For You?
In Module One, we discuss the foundations of not only creating the perfect account, but also how to translate your Instagram account into a real brand that people take seriously. We'll show you the mistakes to avoid, and the tactics that actually work, so you can short-cut to rapid growth.
  • Reverse Niching: Crafting the best bio, logo, and message in order to attract your dream audience
  • Improving your Instagram SEO so your account can be easily found by other users in the future
  • Choosing the perfect Instagram @handle and the top username mistakes to avoid (and what to do if your ideal username is taken)
  • How to properly set up your account to reflect your brand and track your progress as you grow
How do you make sure your growth plan will work? Is there a way to guarantee results? Yes there is - and in Module Two, we show you how to collect the right information so you can avoid the trial-and-error, and grow 10x faster than anyone else in your niche.
  • Get into the Instagrowth Fastlane by learning how to use targeting to attract your ideal audience
  • How to create a simple, easy, and fun growth plan that is proven to get results (no matter your niche)
  • Get the Complete Hashtag Training Guide: how to choose and use #hashtags that will give you the best results
  • All about the infamous Shadowban - how to avoid getting banned and ensure that you're reaching thousands of your audience members per week
In Module Three, we'll help you build a specific content library that you can deploy into your account - and KNOW that it will perform. Yes, that's right.. we're going to show you the most cutting-edge content creation (and curation) hacks of 2017. 

We will be giving you hands-on experience with the latest content strategies that will revolutionize the way your audience responds.
  • Our Viral Formula: How to make a post go viral in the Instagram algorithm, even if you have 0 followers
  • Your Content Management Toolkit - how to collect, create, store, organize, and use a library of content
  • How to write Captions That Convert - elicit responses from your audience and get them to engage!
  • Instagram Stories Guide: our best hacks on how to leverage them to grow, boost engagement, and reach millions of users for free
In Module Four, you will learn all the most advanced strategies to grow your account quickly AND boost engagement and push your account into higher ranks of quality - including a full step-by-step guide to collaborating with other influencers so you can cross-pollinate in relevant audiences easily.

We'll share the latest methods to gain favor with Instagram's ever-changing algorithm so you can gain exposure to millions of users per week.
  • Understanding the algorithm: what it is, how it works, and how to leverage it
  • Engagement Groups Bootcamp: what they are, how to use them, what mistakes to AVOID at all costs
  • Get our Collaborative Invitation Templates to build your own network of users that engage with your content on a daily basis, even if you are starting with 0 followers
  • Why you should NEVER buy followers, likes, comments OR automate your activity on Instagram (and learn the best hacks we use to save time)
In Module 5, you will learn how to convert your audience of followers into hot leads and develop a deep relationship with them. We'll dive into both paid and organic email list building strategies so that you can experience the full rewards of having an authentic audience on Instagram.

You'll also learn the 3 best ways to turn your followers and leads into a raving fan base!
  • Audience Conversion: create an organic lead generation system that effortlessly converts followers to leads every day
  • Learn how to build an Instagram-optimized landing page and start collecting leads in less than 10 minutes, even if you have zero experience
  • How to rapidly build a relationship with your followers on an emotional level so that they become loyal fans
  • Virtual Community Building Secrets: How to funnel your audience into a community and expand the conversation
You can implement all the growth and content strategies in the world.... but unless you are CONSISTENT, you will never reach 10k, 50k 100k, 1M and beyond. 

But - unlike other 'gurus', we understand how busy you are. That's why we've developed an extra module, consistency and refinement, to help you stay motivated and give you systems to ensure that you never miss a day. 

You can hack our workflow and customize it to suit your needs - and reap the rewards of being unstoppable.
  • Why consistency matters - not only on Instagram, but on all social media channels (it's not what you think!)
  • Learn how the greatest 'Grammers manage their accounts in the midst of a busy life with our Time Saving Hacks
  • IG Productivity Principles: how to batch, schedule, and plan ahead so that you never lose momentum
  • Access to our Insta-Momentum Toolkit that contains 2017's latest apps and SAFE softwares for post scheduling, analytics, growth projections, and more
How We've Helped Others Like You:
In less than 30 days, Kamilla (a chiropractor) was able to grow her account with over 6,000 targeted followers!
In less than 3 months, Heather (who owns a PR agency) was able to grow over 20,000 followers with an average 1.5 million impression per week!
So, Who Are We?
Alright… you’re at the bottom of the page.

Seems like you’re more on the “logical” side of the brain. 

We are the founders of Trill Media, an Instagram marketing agency that helps people like you become highly influential online.

Now, in under 6 months, we have been able to attract over 800,000+ followers across different profiles, and create a 6 figure business WITHOUT spending a dime on advertising.... 

How? By leveraging Instagram as a free marketing platform. 

Now we help dozens upon dozens of people and businesses grow to hundreds of thousands of followers and increase their revenue simultaneously. We do this with cutting-edge, advanced audience building strategies. 

Our mission is simple: we want to teach you HOW Instagram truly works, so you can create a custom growth strategy that works like a charm for YOUR unique brand.

We're not a “business experts”... nor are we “gurus."

We’ve just been doing this long enough to see what works, what doesn't, and everything in between. 


We want to help people like you, so that you can figure this Instagram thing out.

It’s not easy. But with a proven system, there's no reason for you to fail.

In Instagram Growth Academy, our goal is to make sure you walk away with an unfair advantage and competitive edge that helps you create authentic influence so you can live the life (and have the business) of your wildest dreams.

Sound good? Let's do this. :)
How We've Helped Others Like You:
In less than 1 month, a motorcyclist entrepreneur was able to grow over 12,000 followers and earn  FREE vacations at luxury hotels in Thailand!
In less than 1 week, a holistic doctor from Michigan was able to gain 8,075 new followers and reach 6,349,955 people!
A fitness coach from Boston was able to go viral on Instagram, earning nearly 40,000 real likes and attracting over 3,000 followers in just 24 hours!
Wanna know what's even better? 

I’m giving you zero risk.

Here’s my guarantee:

If you invest in this…


You do the work we tell you to do…

And in the first 2 weeks you say…

“This sucks” 

I’ll give you your money back.
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